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Elgin Art gallery situated in our restaurant space and showcasing an eclectic collection of contemporary South African art representing a number of established and emerging artists, South Hill offers a variety of artworks that include paintings, small and large scale sculptures, photography, ceramics and mixed medium works as well as selected conceptual work. Exhibitions are created to provide a market both for the represented artist and collector with artworks offering investment potential at affordable prices.

Our current permanent installation is the Barrel Art Collection. Conceptualized by South Hill owner Kevin King’s passion for both wine and art, the main focus highlights the synergy between art and wine making. The result is phenomenal and the positive reaction a true testament to the imagination, individuality and innovative edge the artists have given to create this the first Barrel Art Collection.

South Hill values the important role of artists in South Africa and aims to continue providing platforms and inspiration for artists to receive exposure and opportunities to showcase their creativity.

For selected professional artists and suitable for solo or small group shows, South Hill is available to hire. For enquiries or to send submissions of your work, please contact

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